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Get ready to boogie at Enliven 2021!

Hey Squamish! We are so excited to share this special experience with you.
It's time to gather to dance, move, shake, breathe, connect, learn and grow together as a community.

At Enliven, we want to leave you feeling nourished on a soul level and make all of your cells come alive. 

Our intention is to create a safe space where people can be free, fully expressed and experience profound healing as well as authentic joy <3

Let's just say...this isn't your average bush rave :) 

We have come to know that when it comes to connecting a community, the people create the vibe!

Our motto for this year is "quality over quantity". To maintain the intimacy of the Festival, tickets are limited to 250 people and are by invite only (meaning that we are not advertising publicly in newspapers or other public channels.) If you are here on this page, you are meant to be here! 

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We are blessed to be welcomed onto the beautiful Cheekye Ranch and acknowledge that we are gathering on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, namely the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) Nation.


We are forever grateful for the opportunity to gather in this magical place of natural beauty!

DATE: Sep 11, 2021 - 8:00 am until late

Are you feeling the call to join us? 

Volunteer Applications Now Closed! 

THANK YOU to all who applied! 

If you have building experience, we need your help with building stage and infrastructure!

Email us at


Enliven Festival is raising funds for Fairy Creek! A portion of your ticket sale will go towards helping the front line forest defenders continue to save this precious Ancient Rainforest on Vancouver Island! If you haven't heard what's happening, check it out: 

Are you on the socials? Follow along to meet our facilitators and get updates about the fest! 




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Yes, the schedule just dropped! 


Festival Guidelines: 

At Enliven, we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for people to connect and grow together. We ask that you treat others the way you would like to be treated (or better!). Make someone's day, show kindness, smile and let your beautiful light shine. We are here to create magic together <3 


The following will not be tolerated: 


- Violence

- Abusive language 

- Non-consensual touching 

- Vandalism or theft 

- Creating fire risks (dropping cigarette butts or roaches, starting a fire, or using a campstove)



This gathering was founded on the following principles:

1. Participation : YOU are the heart of this festival. Your willingness to be open to new experiences, fully commit to participating and become part of the event is what will make this day come alive. 

2. Respect : Always treat others with respect. That means respecting their space, their wishes, their choices and speaking to them in a respectful way. 

3. Inclusion : If you see someone hanging out alone, don't be afraid to talk to them. Some people are shy but will open up when there is an invitation to interact. We want everyone to feel included and welcome. 

4. Creativity : Just as with Participation, your creativity is of enormous value at this event and will help to make it possible. If you have decorations for our stage, ideas to make the space beautiful or want to join our organizer team please reach out. We are always open to more creatives joining the team who are bursting with colorful ideas! Further to this, we strongly believe that your experience at this event will be what you make it. You CAN create magic, you CAN create a container for healing within and you CAN create a more authentic expression of you! 

5. Consent : Kindness isn't consent. If you like someone and want to hug them, please ask first. Please ask for consent before touching someone PERIOD. 

6. Community : Connecting like-minded members of the Squamish community is an important part of this event. We hope that you feel at home here, and that we can start to create a sense of belonging for those who are new here, those who haven't quite found their tribe, or who have experienced personal growth and want to find a new one. 

7. Expression : Your self expression is so immensely valued here. However you feel fully expressed, know that that is welcome. You can dress how you want, act as silly as you want, sing your heart out, dance your buns off. We want you to be the real YOU. Also, express your feelings to our support staff if there is something bothering you, you will be seen and heard. 

8. Presence : Now more than ever, we are facing an epidemic of technology addiction and disconnection of our species. Please do your best to remain present at the event, immerse yourself in the experience and turn your phone off unless you really need it! 

Have questions? See FAQ Below: 

What should I bring?

- Water bottle

- Yoga mat


- Blanket


- Weather appropriate clothing (plan for sun, bugs, rain, hopefully not snow...) it's Squamish after all!


- Wallet including ID (if you want to buy food, drinks, merch, artisan goods, etc. Cash is Queen but most vendors accept cards.)


- Flashlight (it will be dark by the time you leave)


- All your favorite festival clothes, outfits and costumes that make you feel fully expressed! 


- Flow toys (poi, hoops, staff, whips, wands... you get the picture :) 


- Bathing suit (you can swim in the river if it's warm)

- Journal and pen, if desired, for self reflection and writing notes in workshops.


- Your smile!

Will there be water available on site? 

- Yes, we will have water available on site to refill your water bottle. We will NOT be selling disposable water bottles. Please bring your own reusable one !!! 

Will there be food available on site? 

- Yes, we will have The Turmeric Trailer and Island Oasis on site vending food. 

Will there be drinks available on site to purchase? 

- Yes, we will have kombucha, water kefir, tea and matcha available. The Island Oasis truck has smoothies, juices and coffee!

Will I be able to purchase a yoga mat on site? 

- Yes, we are planning to have yoga mat vendor on site. 

Is the event covid-safe? 

- Yes, we have an established Covid-19 safety plan, and the event is outdoors in a large area. Guests are spaced out amongst various areas to avoid large crowds. Hand-sanitizing and hand-washing stations will be placed throughout the grounds.

Are masks required?

- We respect your decision to wear, or not to wear a mask. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend? 

- We respect your decision to get vaccinated, or to remain unvaccinated. Body autonomy is our jam. :) 

What CAN'T I bring?

- Weapons (no violence, yo)

- Glass 

- Fireworks 

- Alcohol 

- Drugs (the ones that aren't medicine :)) 

Can I bring my own food?

- Yes, you can, but we ask you not to cook due to fire risk with portable camp stoves. 

Will there be bathrooms? 

- Yes, of course :) 

Will there be parking?

- Yes, however we strongly advise you to carpool with friends to reduce our footprint. Parking passes are available for $10. 

Can I buy a parking pass on site?

- Ideally you should buy it ahead of time (exceptions will be made on a case by case basis). Please contact if you need to purchase a parking pass after your ticket purchase. 

Can I leave and come back?


- Yes. If you have a parking pass, it is valid all day. Once you have your wristband you can come and go as you please!


What time can I arrive?

- The gates open at 7:30am and the first yoga class starts at 8:00am. You can arrive anytime after 7:30am. Volunteers will check your parking pass and ticket upon arrival. 

When does music start?

- Music will be played from 2pm onwards. Opening ceremony is at noon. Please try to be there :) 

Are kids allowed? 

- Yes, kids are welcome. Kids under 12 can come for a half priced ticket (contact us by email to arrange this) and kids under 3 are free! Depending on how many kids are in attendance, we may offer kids workshops!

What is required for entry? 

- If you buy your ticket through Eventbrite, just bring the confirmation email on your phone OR print out the ticket. If you received a friends and family pass, you will be on a list. In both cases, please bring valid photo ID. 

Is there cell service on site? 

- Yes. 

Can I smoke? 

- Yes, you can smoke but please bring a pocket ashtray with you. We do not want to have any butts or roaches left for animals to accidentally eat, which could make them very sick. 

Is there camping?

- This year due to the little amount of time we had to plan (due to Covid) we are not able to offer camping on site. However, the Squamish Valley is full of beautiful camp spots, if you are not from Squamish and want some information of where you can camp, reach out by email and we will be happy to assist!

- Do you have questions that weren't answered above?

Contact Us : 

Ready to join us? 

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